19 Creative Promise Necklace For Couples

19 Creative Promise Necklace For Couples

A promise necklace is an unique alternative to the traditional promise ring exchanged by courting couples or given by a man to the woman he has asked to marry. If your beloved is ’not a ring person’, a promise necklace could be the perfect gift for her to wear with love and cherish forever.

Promises necklaces are unique alternative

Promises necklaces are unique alternative

Promise necklaces are increasingly in vogue as a stylish and individualistic alternative to promise rings. Some couples prefer promises bracelets, and amonst the younger crowd promise toe rings and earrings have a certain trendy cachet, but custom-designed promise necklaces are the engagement gifts of choice for the upwardly mobile non-traditionalists who like to do things a little bit differently. Ready-to-wear 14k gold twinset rings (engagement and wedding rings that are designed to neatly fit or ’lock’ together), often selected by the groom to fit his pocket rather than the bride-to-be’s style and taste, have lost favor over the years – the joy of sharing in choosing the design of a custom-designed necklace is also significant in what it says about the kind of relationship a couple has. Alternatively, you could buy a classically elegant antique or vintage promise necklace that will never date.

Favored necklaces are ones that can be worn all the time rather than only on special occasions. Platinum (the most precious of precious metals), white gold or a combination of two or three metals can be used to craft delicately intricate chains, twinned with precious or semi-precious stones, including rubies, diamonds, sapphires, turquoise, opals, pearls, amethyst, tourmaline, aquamarine and emeralds.

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Making promises

Making promises necklace

If you’re going to design your own necklance, make sure that both you and your fiance are in agreement about what you’re looking for. You will have to select a reputable jeweler who has experience in designing as well as making jewelry so he can give you advice on the best metals and gemstones from which to choose. A professional jeweler will have the experience to advice you on the best style (one that is not going to date) to suit the bride-to-be and also the meaning of the gemstones you choose. Aquamarine, for instance, was traditionally believed to help soothe problems in a marriage and was popular as an engagement or wedding gift. Go on, indulge your lover with a beautiful, hand-crafted promise necklace.

Creative Promise Necklace For Couples

Promise necklace for him and her

Couples promise necklaces

Diamond promise necklace

Pinky promise necklace gold

The promise necklace

Promise rings with necklace

Promise rings on necklace

Promise ring necklace

Promise ring and necklace set

Promise necklaces for girlfriend

Promise necklace

Promise necklace for him

Promise necklace for her

Promise necklace for girlfriend

Promise necklace for couples

Promise necklace for boyfriend

Pinky promise necklace



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