Romantic & Inexpensive Beach Honeymoon Destinations

Romantic & Inexpensive Beach Honeymoon Destinations

There are various best, romantic and beautiful places and islands to have honeymoon. One of them is beach because beach can provide beautiful scenery, fresh wind and delicious foods. Having a honeymoon in the beach does not always expensive, there are some places that offer affordable price. This article will review inexpensive beach honeymoon destinations as your consideration in taking honeymoon.



Bali is a romantic and inexpensive place to have honeymoon. This place is known as its tourism, custom and joyous hospitality of the locals. You may go to Ubud beach or Gianyar beach in Bali, these beaches offer variety of natural beauty, art performance and culture. You may also find exotic Balinese handicrafts.

If you want to get affordable price, you have to prepare it long before the married, you may start browsing the information of promo flight ticket. For the hotel, you do not have to worry because Ubud area has many inexpensive hotels. You may find cheap hotels on Monkey Forest Street, Hanuman Street, Gautama Street and Hajeng Street. Ubud and Gianyar beach in Bali, Indonesia can be your consideration in choosing inexpensive beach honeymoon.

In addition, you can have a romantic in the beach. There are some restaurants that provide delicious foods near the beach. You can enjoy Balinese foods accompanied by Jazz music and beautiful torches lights. Your honeymoon will be more romantic and memorable.

Ubud Beach in Bali

Gianyar Beach in Bali



The next destination for inexpensive beach honeymoon is Hawaii. If you are American, you do not need a passport to visit this island. The best moment for having honeymoon is in autumn and spring because you can find the best weather and cheaper price. You will sense light breeze, white sand and spectacular sunset scenery that will make your day and your partner more romantic.

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Every island in Hawaii has its own beauty; the islands such as Kauai, Oahu, Maui, Lanai, Hawaii and Malokai are perfect spot for honeymoon. In Hawaii, there is an island namely Waikiki, It is better for you not to get there because the condition is too crowded. It will lessen the sense of romanticism in your honeymoon.

Kauai Beach in Hawaii

Oahu Beach in Hawaii

Maui Beach in Hawaii

You can celebrate your marriage, exploring the area to find a good spot or delicious foods, making love or even think about your future in five years, ten years or more in these beaches. You can search more details on internet to get inexpensive beach honeymoon destinations.



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