17 Sustainable Garden Design Ideas

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17 Sustainable Garden Design Ideas

When you think about what a garden is, the most likely image that comes to mind is nature. Your garden should be a refuge from the modern world, a place where you can commune with nature. We share the world with billions of living creatures, and gardens can act as microhabitats for all manner of wildlife. As such, sustainability is more important now than ever. By incorporating recycled materials, you can create a planet-friendly garden as sustainable as it is stylish.

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Below are a few tips on how to achieve a sustainable garden.

Planet-Friendly Design

Planet-Friendly Design
Image Credit: Environmentjournal.online

Using recycled materials, you can create a highly impressive garden that’s good for the planet and good for you. You can use salvaged paving slabs to make stepping stone paths that link indoor and outdoor spaces. We recommend having a central area which you can reach via different paths. You could build a fire pit into the centre, with seating around the pit and planting around the outside. Why not make the fire pit yourself? An old metal wok with the handle removed would serve as the bowl while you can easily produce a steel base to hold it. Moreover, building or commissioning bespoke furniture from recycled materials can be both resource-responsible and style-oriented.

Water Conservation

Water Conservation
Image Credit: Sjwater.com

When it comes to planting, water efficiency is critical to a sustainable planet-friendly garden. By incorporating water-efficient planting techniques, you can minimise the need for irrigation. Soil water evaporation, for instance, is a considerable problem, with a relatively simple solution. By avoiding soil tilling before you plant, you can prevent soil water evaporation and erosion. If your fingers are greener than most and you have a vegetable garden, this method is particularly effective when harvesting.

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We also recommend low-water plants if you’re conservation-minded. Some exotic plants, such as honeybush or Monterey cypress are very easy to care for, requiring little attention. Selecting your plants responsibly is one of the keys to sustainability. Similarly, permeable paving is another earth-friendly style element that can look great for your garden. As opposed to paving or artificial floors for outside dining areas, pebbles or gravel allow water to seep back into the ground.

Non-Invasive Planting

Non-Invasive Planting
Image Credit: Santacruzsentinel.com

Certain exotic plant species, while they may look great, can be damaging to the rest of your garden’s microhabitat. These invasive species, like Old World climbing fern, Brazilian pepper, Chinese tallow, and water hyacinths, are detrimental to conservation efforts. By selecting native plants for your garden, you can halt the spread of invasive species. This will help to conserve water and energy, not to mention time and money.

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