Permanent Hair Removal with Laser Treatments

Permanent Hair Removal Laser Treatments

They are tired, regularly with shaving, hair removal herumzuplagen & Co to have a silky smooth skin? Then you discover the hair removal: You could definitely your hairy suffering to an end. Unaesthetic hair and annoying hair can be permanently removed with laser treatment, and almost painless! How does hair removal? The hair is not torn, but the hair root (or more precisely who is responsible for the growth of hair follicles) is destroyed by the laser beam. The wavelength only attacks the hair bulb without damaging the rest of the skin structure. The skin and hair pigment melanin absorbs the light beam of the laser and is heated to about 60° C. At this temperature, the hair root is destroyed and no new hair produce more.

How does a laser from meeting?

How does a laser from meeting
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The Laser hair removal is virtually painless (the patient only feels a slight tingling sensation) and may only be performed by a doctor, even if the application is ambulatory and performed without anesthesia. The skin zone to be Pilate is exposed to the laser. Each laser beam processed an area of about two square centimeters, which corresponds to about 10 hairs. Both the patient and the doctor must wear safety glasses. A month long can the hair can not be removed with wax or with tweezers and the hair may not be bleached. Two days before the laser hair removal, the affected area will be shaved: Thus, a leakage of the light energy is prevented to be absorbed only by the hairs. The hair, however, can not all be removed at once: It is usually recommended to carry 5 to 10 sessions, and the number of treatments by age, skin type, gender and also depends on the hair structure. A session lasts depending on the treatment zone from 15 minutes to 4 hours.

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Hair removal is the “permanent” or “definitely”?

Hair removal is the permanent or definitely
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It is a “long-term hair removal speak”, the hair growth is curbed sustainable and hair density and diameter can be significantly reduced. With each session, the “hair-free period” longer. The beginning, there are 4 weeks, then several months and the result is always better: The few hairs that survive the laser, are significantly thinner good to know. The Laser hair removal does not work on blonde, white or bleached hair, as these no melanin, and thus contain no dye. The consultation for laser hair removal is often free. It is a therapeutic schedule is set up, in which the number of treatments, the laser type and the interval between meetings must be given. It is recommended to test the laser on a small spot to check the effects and skin reactions. The Laser hair removal is not usually covered by health insurance.

Caution: Hair Removal with the laser should be in a dark or black skin color as well as in heavily tanned skin not be used because it may cause a skin pigmentation! Laser therapy leaves. No scars. There are few permanent side effects. In the worst case occur redness that resolve within 24 hours. After the laser treatment, the sun should definitely be avoided!



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