9 Secret-Weapon Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

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9 Secret-Weapon Healthy Foods for Weight Loss

Do you know, some of the great diet foods are utterly delicious too! The foundation for an effective weight loss plan is healthy eating and physical activities. Some of the wrong diet foods picks might render nugatory on your road to losing weight.

Some foods can help you shed your body weight as those foods help curb cravings and fill you for longer. Remember, your diet plan should be all about feeling full and satisfied. Don’t starve yourself. To power up your efforts, add these diet foods to your plan to help you lose more weight.

1. Mushrooms

Dieticians and Researchers Report that when people ate mushroom-based dishes, they felt equally satisfied as when they’d eaten the same dishes. Mushroom has a fraction of calories and fat than the beef. Professionals suggest to swapping mushrooms for meat to make your diet plan more effective.

2. Eggs

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It was proved in a study; dieters who add eggs to their breakfast meal feel full for longer and lose thrice or at least twice as much weight as those who eat a bagel of approx. same calories. If you don’t prefer eggs for breakfast then prefer it in your salad snack as eggs enhance the staying power of salad to keep you feel filled for hours.

3. Apples

A medium sized apple contains 4g of fiber and a mere 95 calories. Recent research says that the fiber intake help to prevent weight gain and even help in weight loss. Swap your tropical fruits like mango with apples to lose weight fast.

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4. Dark Chocolate

Dark Chocolate
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A little sweet treat will help you stick to your diet. Research reports that forbidding yourself from sugary food might lead to overeating. It has been proved that removing access to sweet foods would increase stress level and lower your motivation to stick to the diet plan. Thus, you will end up in binging on junk food. Pick a square or two. Don’t be afraid of eating dark chocolates over the milky version. In one study, people who ate dark chocolate ate 15% less pizza after a few hours than people who had eaten a milk chocolate.

5. Soup

One study has proved; people who start a meal with a bowl of vegetable soup end up their meal with 20% fewer calories.

6. Hot Chile Peppers

Hot Chile Peppers
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Research reports that if you consume a little hot pepper half-an-hour before a meal, you will feel less hungry and will eventually eat about 10 % less. You can eat Hot Chile Pepper in a tomato juice or can try any other recipe.

7. Almonds

To curb cravings, chew more at least 35 – 40 times. Start your day with 2-ounce serving of almonds and chew it 40 times. It will keep you full and satisfied for longer. Additionally, chewing might also release the fat from the almonds and triggers the hormones that curb hunger.

8. Beans

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Beans are a great source of protein and even keeps you filled for a longer time. They prevent hunger and eventually stop you from eating more. Beans are rich in fiber and are also easy to digest. Hence, dieters should always include beans in their meals.

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9. Oatmeal

Professionals suggest to eating a breakfast that contains “slow-release” carbohydrates, such as oatmeal or bran cereal. You can burn more fat if you eat oatmeal 3 hours before you exercise. The “slow-release” carbohydrates don’t spike blood sugar as high as eating anything that contains refined carbohydrates, such as white toast.

Shop Smart

Next time you visit the store, load with lots of protein, fruit, fresh veggies, and whole grains. Weight Loss is the whole picture of what you eat, it’s not about eating a specific food.



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