How To Install Hardwood Flooring Over Concrete?

How To Install Hardwood Flooring Over Concrete?

Introduction to Hardwood Flooring: In today’s date, a good deal of people are seen making use of hardwood floorings. There are a number of reasons that are associated with the same. On a very basic level, hardwood flooring is known to be largely durable and long-lasting. Apart from this, this particular flooring is known to be absolutely easy to clean. Similarly, hardwood flooring is also known to be low maintenance. However, one question that generally tends to pop up in the minds of people is regarding the different ways that can be taken up in order to install hardwood flooring over concrete. Our further discussion is going to revolve around the steps that need to be adopted in order to install hardwood flooring over concrete.

Steps that need to be followed in order to install hardwood flooring over concrete:

Preparation Process

  • Clear the treatment area: In the next step, make it a point to clean the area in which you desire to install the hardwood flooring. Make sure that you keep the treatment area as dry as possible. It is essential for you to note that the concerned material should not be placed on the fresh concrete for at least sixty days.
  • Double Check your Concrete: Before you go ahead make certain that you thoroughly check your concrete. It is vital for you to get rid of any unwanted sand or dust that happens to form a part of your concrete.
  • Ensure additional protection for your wood: Your role now would be to apply a moisture barrier. This is to be done in order to seal the concrete and so also to offer protection to your wood.
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Installation Process

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  • Bid a goodbye to your previous flooring: When you decide to go ahead with any new activity, it is but obvious that you have to get rid of the previous one. The situation is no different in case of installing hardwood flooring over concrete. In order to be able to install hardwood flooring over concrete, you will first of all have to get rid of your old flooring.
  • Apply adhesives to your floor: The next step now would be to apply the adhesives to your floor. Make it a point to kick-start from the longest wall. Once this is done place the flooring directly on the adhesive and press as hard as possible.
  • Get rid of the excess adhesive: In case there is any additional adhesive left, get rid of the same by simply making use of mineral spirits.
  • Make way for expansion: It is crucial for you to leave ¼” gap between the wall and the wood material that you will be using. This will not only assist you in making way for expansion, but at the time will take care of the required temperature changes.
  • Time to lay the planks: As soon as you complete the above mentioned step make it a point to lay down the planks one after another. You can make use of a normal painter’s tape in order to tape the boards together. If this is done, it will make sure that the planks hold onto one another.
  • Keep the planks to dry: Once you are done with the above task, just take a quick glance around the room in order to make sure that each and every plank has perfectly stuck to the surface. Do not allow traffic in this particular area at least for the next twelve hours.
  • Cover the expansion joint: The last step would be to cover the expansion joint by nailing the ¼” molding to the wall. This particular task needs to be carried out only when the drying process is totally completed.
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In order to make it easy for you to comprehend the process of installing hardwood flooring over concrete slabs, we have divided the complete procedure into the preparation process and the installation process. If you wish to go ahead and install hardwood flooring on concrete, then in that case the aforesaid process is considered to be extremely simple. All said and done, if you have had any doubts regarding the installation process as far as hardwood flooring and concrete is concerned, then in that case a quick glance through the above article should suffice.

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