Laser Hair Removal: The Best and A Complete Process

Laser Hair Removal: The Best and A Complete Process

Laser hair removal is a complete process in which your hair is removed from your body. This is the best alternative for waxing, shaving etc. Laser is used to remove all your unwanted hair from your body. It allows you to wear your favoritedresses without getting worrying about unwanted hair on your body.

Before you go for this treatment you should consult your doctor to discuss about the prospects of this treatment. Keep in mind that consultation is an important aspect of this treatment.

Before a laser treatments begins a professional technicians ensures that there are no creams, cosmetics or lotions on the region to be cured. This is checked because these chemical can really have a bad effect on your hair removal treatment.

In laser hair removal treatment, a gel is applied to the affected area, this gel functions as a suitable conductor for the laser to be used and also helps your skin to cool down during the entire process. The doctor uses a hand held laser machine to remove the hair. For some people this method can be discomforting thus you should talk to your doctor about beforehand.

Make sure that you avoid these things before you go for treatment:

Best Laser Hair Removal
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  • Avoid tanning. The lighter the skin the better your hair loss will be so avoided tanning or applying fake tan prior to treatment.
  • Do not Wax, Epilate, or tweeze. Hair follicles must be intact for laser to work effectively, so it is crucial that you do not tweeze wax or epilate.
  • Shave before treatment, shorten your hair as much as possible because it allows laser to focus more intensely on the root of the hair. Most of the clinics will tell you 2-3 days before the treatment to shave the area before you come.
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After undergoing a full coarse treatment of laser therapy, you can expect a significant reduction in hair within the treated area for the rest of your life. Most of the patient experiences a dramatic reduction of 25% reduction in hair coverage after their first session and a further of 10-25% reduction following every one after that. Max. Of 1 year you can ensure complete hair removal.

Laser hair treatment price can vary massively depending on where you get it done, what you have done and how many services you need.

This is a price list of hair removal costs for range of body parts. The list is rather general and is just used to give you a review of pricing due to large differencing in charges.

Laser hair removal treatment Expenses:

Laser Hair Removal Complete Process
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  • Upper lip – $55
  • Chin – $64
  • Eyebrows – $60
  • Face – $164
  • Arms – $279
  • Armpits – $61
  • Legs – $272
  • Hands or feet – $70
  • Back – $274
  • Chest – $163
  • Buttocks – $164
  • Bikini line – $168

These fees are quite pricey. What you need to keep in mind is that you ordinarily need several sets of treatment. On an average you will require 3-4 treatments.



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