Top 10 Diet Tips for Diabetics Who are Overweight

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Top 10 Diet Tips for Diabetics Who are Overweight

Diabetes is a condition which needs to be managed with healthy diet, medication and exercise. There is a lot of information available on diabetic diet but still we fail following healthy diet for diabetics. Having only information will not help, you need to carry out it in daily life. One of the major concern and risk for diabetes is increased weight. If you or your family member is diabetic with increased weight, he / she must start following below diet tips. Diabetes and Weight loss can increase more health complications in coming years. Make sure you keep up your blood sugar levels and weight with regular exercise and diet.

Here are top 10 diet tips for diabetics who are overweight:

1. Avoid Overeating and decrease portion size

Avoid Overeating and decrease portion size
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Avoid eating large quantities of food quickly. Most of the damage to different organs in the body is caused by peaks of blood glucose levels happening after meals due to insufficient secretion of insulin. Diet for diabetics must be planned considering portion size. By taking lesser amounts of food the acute rise in blood glucose is prevented and body is able to supply sufficient insulin and keep blood glucose levels under control. Divide the total amount of food over time, in simpler terms eat grain rice have lower glycemic index. Basmati Rice is rich in amylose which is difficult to digest, while short grain rice contain amylopectin which is absorbed quickly and gives steep rise in blood glucose levels. Take lesser amount of the foods in diabetic diet to achieve weight loss.

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2. Include whole cereals in diet

Include whole cereals in diet
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Whole grains fights diabetes and improves health. Diabetic weight loss can be achieved with such high fiber cereals. The bran and fiber in whole grains makes it difficult for digestive enzymes to break down the starches into glucose. This leads to lower, slower increases in blood sugar and insulin and a lower glycemic index.

3. Methi Seeds

Methi Seeds
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Methi seeds have been used to treat Diabetes since old days, it was used by the ancient healers. Diabetic diet must contain such food ingredients which have healing properties. The standard procedure to take it is by soaking 15- 25 grams of fenugreek seeds in water overnight, grind them into fine paste and add to dough for making roti, paratha, in curries, subzi daal etc. Cinnamon is also very helpful in managing blood sugar levels.

4. Increase Dietary Fibre

Increase Dietary Fibre
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Fibers are poorly absorbed in the body so they prolong the absorption of sugar and do not cause steep rise in sugar levels .Fresh leafy Vegetables, whole grains, bran rich wheat flour are good source of fibers. High fiber foods are best suited for diabetic weight loss. Include 2-3 servings of fresh salad and 2 servings of fresh fruits in daily diet.

5. Atta (Wheat Flour) Mixture

Atta (Wheat Flour) Mixture
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It is best to make a mixture of Atta (coarse wheat flour) 1/2, and distribute all other ingredients equally such as it is good to add jo, jowar, Channa flour (gram flour), Soya flour.

6. Use low calorie spreads

Use low calorie spreads
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Do not use Butter & Margarine. Avoid spreading butter or desi Ghee on Rotis and naans instead use spreads made from vegetable oils.

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7. Do not overcook

Do not overcook
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The lesser cooked the better for Diabetics, highly processed food preparations are quickly absorbed and give immediate peaks of blood glucose, deep-frying is not recommended stir fry if absolutely essential. Boiled and parboiled is also preferred. Roasting, grill and baking are also preferred method of preparation as they require less oil. Sprouted pulses are also recommended.sugary drinks

8. Avoid Fried Foods

Avoid Fried Foods
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Fried snacks should be absolutely avoided, Biscuits, pastries with vegetable shortening, or hydrogenated vegetable oils should also be avoided. Prefer baked, roasted snacks without trans-fats or oils.

9. Skip sugary drinks

Skip sugary drinks
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Choose water, coffee, or tea instead of sugary beverages which has had a high glycemic load, and drinking more of this sugary stuff is associated with increased risk of diabetes.

10. Limit red meat and avoid processed meat

Limit red meat and avoid processed meat
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Eating red meat (beef, pork, lamb) and processed red meat (bacon, hot dogs, deli meats) increases the risk of diabetes, even among people who consume only small amounts.

If you are looking to shed those extra pounds and also keep up blood sugar levels then start following these tips.



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