5 Best Foods For Effective Weight Loss

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5 Best Foods For Effective Weight Loss

What we eat determines what our bodies look like. Some people have the misconception that they are genetically fat and no matter what they do or what they eat, it’s not going to make a difference in their body. This is generally because the diets and weight loss program that they follow do not focus on a healthy life and are basically making them lose their muscles along with their fat.

The food you eat should consist of healthy food that encourages development of the muscles and burning of the fat stored in your body. In this article I am going to point out some of the fat loss foods that are completely natural and healthy. These aren’t some rare edibles that are only found in the jungles of South Africa. You can buy them at any store; only you should know the difference between them and the processed unhealthy food.

1. Oatmeal

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These are the best source for complex, starchy carbohydrates. They have a very good proportion of carbohydrates, protein and fat. Oatmeal have low glycemic index and the carbohydrates from them is released very slowly. You can add crushed walnuts in them to include the healthy fat in the diet and make them tastier. Make sure you don’t add any artificial sugar in your oatmeal as it will just increase the calorie count without any necessary nutrients.

2. Green Fibrous Vegetables

Green Fibrous Vegetables
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Green vegetables such as lettuce, broccoli, green beans etc. are almost calorie free. They are also rich in fibers which are a very important nutrient in building muscles and losing fat. Apart from this, these vegetables are also a very good way to keep your stomach filled and hence assist in consuming fewer calories. Salad consisting of green leafy vegetables is an excellent choice for dinner as it is low in carbohydrate and you should not consume too much carbohydrate before going to sleep.

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3. Brown Rice

Brown Rice
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Brown rice is another great food which is rich in complex carbohydrate. White rice burns faster than brown rice and doesn’t have all the nutrition value that brown rice has. White rice is processed while brown rice completely natural. Brown rice burns slower and should be used instead of white rice in any meal.

4. Proteins

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You should include protein rich foods in each meal. Egg whites contain proteins with 0% fat. All the fat in an egg is stored in the yolk. Chicken breasts are also rich in protein with very low amount of fat. Lean red meat if chosen carefully is also rich in protein. Fishes are an excellent source of protein and they also contain omega-3 fatty acid which is a good fat and helps in losing weight.

5. Good Fat

Good Fat
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Every meal of the day should contain around 20% (by calories) of fat. The fat you eat should not be processed at all and should be completely natural. Some of the foods that contain good fats are flax seeds, walnuts, extra virgin olive oil, fish oil, extra virgin coconut oil, and almonds. If you use any kind of oil make sure you do not use it to fry; instead just use it as a topping on salads. High temperatures make the compound unstable and the oil loses its nutrition value. Natural herbal weight loss pills are also a great additional help in weight loss process.



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