Why Are Venetian Blinds So Famous?

Why Venetian Blinds Famous

One of the most popular types of blinds found in residential homes and commercial businesses alike is Venetian blinds. These unique blinds boast horizontal slats that are usually made out of wood or bamboo today, but they may also be made out of metal or plastic materials. The horizontal slats are connected by a vertical tape or cord, and the slats can be adjusted with the tape or cord to rotate the slats. In addition, the slats can also be pulled entirely upward to allow full light exposure into the space.

Venetian blinds are generally considered to be highly versatile and functional, and they are among the most common and popular types of window coverings available today. You may be wondering how these blinds become so famous. With a closer look, you will see that their popularity in civilizations around the world lends itself to their versatility, functionality and even upgraded features.

The Development of Venetian Blinds

The Development of Venetian Blinds
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The design for Venetian blinds was derived from a makeshift type of window covering that was used in ancient civilizations in Egypt, China, Persia and other large and influential civilizations. In many of these civilizations, wet clothes were placed over windows for the purposes of cooling the interior of the home. Egyptians attached reeds for these wet cloths, and the Chinese used bamboo. These pieces of wood were used in a similar fashion as the modern cord or tape on Venetian blinds is today. Travelers who visited these civilizations took the idea back to Venice and Paris, and this started the widespread popularity of these blinds. While the window coverings were first entirely functional, their style evolved as people began to make them using more decorative fabric.

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The first patents for these blinds were requested by Gowin Knight in England in 1760 as well as Edward Beran in 1769, but there is documentation that shows that they were present in France before this period of time. In fact, there is evidence that the design had spread to cultures around the globe by this time. This design for blinds had found its way to Philadelphia where they were documented in St. Peter’s Church as early as 1761.

In the United States

In the United States
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Venetian blinds today are wildly popular in the United States. With their infinite colors and various materials that can be used with Venetian blinds, they are perfectly stylish for both residential and commercial spaces. The popularity of these blinds in the United States dates back to at least the 18th century with their presence in St. Peter’s Church. It is believed that John Webster, who arrived in the United States in 1767, played a significant role in expanding the popularity of this type of window covering across the United States. The blinds were also used in other popular landmarks such as Independence Hall, the RCA Building in Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building over the years.

While Venetian blinds lend their popularity in civilizations around the globe to their incredible functionality, it is important to note that modern models of Venetian blinds offer other benefits. For example, their versatile material and color options make them highly suitable for most spaces. Many models today also have a battery operated remote control feature that provides convenient light control. This makes them suitable for homes of those with mobility issues as well as those who simply want to enjoy a more luxurious experience with their blinds. As these blinds continue to evolve in the future, their popularity is expected to continue to grow.

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Venetian Blinds Design Ideas

Venetian blinds wooden
Venetian blinds wooden – Image Credit: Dotcomblinds.com
Venetian blinds lowes
Venetian blinds lowes – Image Credit: Polygonapp.co
Venetian blinds for windows
Venetian blinds for windows – Image Credit: Peonyevents.co
Venetian blinds vertical
Venetian blinds vertical – Image Credit: Shpock.com
Venetian blinds for sliding doors
Venetian blinds for sliding doors – Image Credit: Infinitycosmetics.co
Venetian blinds white
Venetian blinds white – Image Credit: Dotcomblinds.com
Venetian blinds electric
Venetian blinds electric – Image Credit: Waverley.co.uk
Venetian blinds blackout
Venetian blinds blackout – Image Credit: Jobinit.info
Blackout venetian blinds
Blackout venetian blinds – Image Credit: Harveyfurnishings.co.nz
Venetian blinds faux wood
Venetian blinds faux wood – Image Credit: Speedy-products.co.uk
Venetian blinds black
Venetian blinds black – Image Credit: Paigeruffing.co
Venetian blinds target
Venetian blinds target – Image Credit: Indedbydelight.com
Venetian blinds metal
Venetian blinds metal – Image Credit: Uaecarpet.com
Venetian blinds near me
Venetian blinds near me – Image Credit: Wilmotsdecorating.com
Venetian blinds installation
Venetian blinds installation – Image Credit: Tlcblinds.co.za
Venetian blinds on doors
Venetian blinds on doors – Image Credit: Togethersandia.com
Venetian blinds definition
Venetian blinds definition – Image Credit: Harveyfurnishings.co.nz
Venetian blinds for french doors
Venetian blinds for french doors – Image Credit: Opennshut.co.uk
Venetian blinds patio doors
Venetian blinds patio doors – Image Credit: Pinterest.com



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