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Wedding can be talked as sacred and special moment in someone’s life and it is moment when you will have long journey with your life partner. As information, wedding is sacred ceremony which is held by couple who gets married and it has many enough types like white wedding, Dutch wedding or civil wedding as theme of your wedding ceremony or party. So it is something normal if many couples who want to hold wedding ceremony or party will consider and concern more about detail of their wedding shower or party. Couples wedding shower decoration ideas will be interesting explanation for you who looks for ideas about wedding decoration.

Decoration of wedding shower is one of important things which you have to concern or consider, because this thing is element which can make your wedding shower guests feel impress or not. Couples who want to get married usually involve in decorating their wedding shower decoration and adjust it based on their passion and favorite theme.

For you who have any idea about couples wedding shower decoration ideas, there are some popular themes or decoration ideas which perhaps can be your reference for your wedding shower. Patio party is wedding shower idea or theme which is in first rank in this list; this wedding shower is one of popular ideas to be taken as theme or idea for wedding shower.

Talk more about patio party, this wedding party or shower takes your patio as place for holding party. Preparing classic lawn game and bar which supplies food are main ideas for this wedding shower decoration theme.

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You also can consider other couples wedding shower decoration ideas for your wedding party or shower like 50’s housewife shower.50’s housewife shower is retro classic decoration idea for wedding party or shower, this wedding party or shower decoration idea takes retro as main theme.

For applying this unique decoration idea, it will be good if you add some vintage ornaments in your wedding shower or party. Giving dress code requirement as costume of guests is also one of unique things about this wedding shower or party decoration idea.

You also have other creative decoration for wedding party or shower which is also good enough like backyard couple wedding shower or party. This wedding decoration idea take backyard as main location for party with adding some ornament as picture of couple and statue with couple initial. This wedding party decoration is one of best couples wedding shower decoration ideas.





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