Beautiful Outdoor Water Wall Design Ideas

Wedding is a special occasion that people will do to declare and legalize their relationship. In order to hold such event, there should be some inspirations that people must have for achieving the best service for anyone coming into the wedding. There are some ideas that people can apply to their wedding event, and they are usually classified based on the age.

Typically modern wedding decoration is used in recent time. However, classic and vintage decoration is pretty common as well. Here will be explained vintage wedding décor inspiration for those who want to hold a wedding in very special way. The inspiration is basically based on the classic appearance which is combined by modern touch.

Vintage wedding décor inspiration is actually suitable for older people around 30s. The reason is because it can accentuate their identity which is not too young nor too old either. In addition, the softness emerged in this style makes them feel more peaceful which is actually everyone seeks for. If it is compared to casual wedding décor or classic décor, this style is really suitable for them.

There are several aspects that should be concerned to make a beautiful wedding. The first or the core of everything is about the color scheme. It is really important because it will give specific atmosphere to the wedding. For vintage decoration, there are actually some limited colors for the best wedding ever.

Those colors are blue, green, white, and pink. There are some colors mentioned. However, it is advised that the wedding only has single color as the main color. Any color regardless of the main color should function as complementary colors. Therefore, every item in the wedding will blend together creating synchronized style. Most people will be impressed if everything is nicely blended.

Vintage wedding décor inspiration does not stop on color only. There are other elements such as trivial accessories. Though they do not seem important, yet they give real contribution to the wedding scheme. Take bomboniere for example.  The bomboniere should carry vintage element which means that it looks classic. The material used is also natural such as paper, wood, or anything that easily found.

In order to complete the whole design, vintage wedding décor inspiration needs some classic jars for storing flowers. The jars are usually something that missed because people can use any jar. However, it is worth to note that the vintage jar will give more impression compared to standard.