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There are some inspirations that people can apply for their wedding. In order to acquire the best wedding ever, the couple have to organize the wedding based on their preference. One of inspirations that couple can find is based on Indian. Here will be described Indian wedding décor inspiration. The aim is to give a vision or insight related to the next wedding plan for couples.

This wedding decoration can be considered as unique because it is based on other culture. Typically people use conventional or standard theme for their wedding. However, it is actually quite fun and interesting to design a wedding in very different way. The wedding will definitely be memorable not only is it because of wedding, but it is also because the theme is just unique.

The first element existing in Indian wedding décor inspiration is color scheme. Typically people will use pastel color for their wedding. However, Indian wedding decoration does not use such color. Brighter color will be used instead. Bright tone of colors is preferred because it has meanings. Brighter colors are attractive and they can give cheerful atmosphere. However, it may have disadvantage for outdoor wedding.

It can be a real problem if Indian wedding decoration is for outdoor occasion. The reason lies on the reflection of the light. Brighter colors are able to reflect more light which is received by eyes. Some people may have sensitive eyes which cannot bear the intensity of light coming from those brighter colors. Therefore, Indian wedding is usually conducted indoor to avoid such problem

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After deciding the color scheme which can be any color as long as it is bright, it is time to put some essential items for the wedding. Essential items are such sculpture or any symbolic items showing the real Indian culture. Putting some of them in strategic location can greatly improve the atmosphere for Indian wedding décor inspiration.

After putting those essential items, it is time to move to fabrication layer or semi-upholstery. The fabric will be dominated by heavy fabric which gives natural wrinkle and fold. It can be used as the background layer or it can be used as cover for the chairs.

After walling and covering, the flooring is also consideration in Indian wedding décor inspiration. Typically red carpet is used to give exclusive and respect value to the wedding. Not only does it make the wedding look exclusive, it also blends together with other element. That will make the great wedding with Indian theme.



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