Simple yet Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas

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There are actually some wedding decorations that should be concerned before conducting a wedding. Those decorations are actually should be related with the base theme of a wedding. Therefore, it will not make the wedding look awkward because everything is blended together. Here will be explained some creative wedding guest book ideas that may be applied for the next wedding. It is really useful for wedding organizer either personally or professionally.

The first idea is basically very ordinary book with special cover. It is called ordinary because the internal book is similar to study book that has some lines. The cover is then created into something special. The cover should carry the couple’s full name for recognizer. In addition, there are also some quotes related to wedding. It can be motivation, greeting, and anything for betterment. It is also possible to ask the guest to fill some quotes before signing the name.

Secondly, it is almost similar to previous idea. However, every page has its own space for writing names. The space is then decorated based on certain theme that has been chosen. Take an example of modern wedding. The space may consist of rounded square in chromium color. The guest is then asked to write on that space. There are other creative wedding guest book ideas which are not based on books.

It is possible since the organizer prepares a piece of wide paper in which there is certain drawings. The drawing is then adjusted based on theme. If the theme is snowy, the drawing can be about snowman with big love in its eyes. The guests can write their name in the belly of the snowman.

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Creative wedding guest book ideas also do not really need help of paper too much. It can be replaced with other material such as wood as writing space as board. Additional picture, table, or anything can be embedded as long as it is creative.

In addition to those methods, there is also more advanced methods using technology. By the help of computer as guest book, some designs can be created later. Not only is it able to save some funds, but it is also great for post-wedding because it is unlikely to wear down.

Those all are some creative wedding guest book ideas that people may apply for their wedding. All of the methods above are just raw material which can be explored and developed more for more creative result.



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