Rustic Country Wedding Theme Ideas for Your Inspirations

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Wedding reception may be held in any kind of theme to make the atmosphere of the wedding look stunning to see. Also, decorating a wedding is important as it is the big day that should be celebrated specially.  You have to pick one theme for the decoration once you throw the reception. If you like to have an old-school style for your reception, rustic wedding reception will be awesome for that. Actually, there are so many Rustic Country Wedding Theme Ideas that you can apply to make your wedding 100% authentically rustic by concentrating to some aspects.

In decorating a wedding reception, it is good to concern with the venue first. Rustic is identically close with warm atmosphere so you can make low light like using many decorative light bulbs hanging on the roof. Also, make it more stunning by applying Christmas lights on the pillars as the light support the country atmosphere in the wedding. If the reception is holding at the outdoor, it is good to use candles on every dining table to make it romantic. It will be more awesome to make a light bulb tree. Those are lighting decoration as one of Rustic Country Wedding Theme Ideas.

Then, the dining table should be the next focus; it is just covered by white tablecloth and put some cutleries and some vases of flowers and candles. Complete the dining table with wooden chairs as rustic country is close to wooden things. It is better to not cover the chair for rustic style.

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Then, you may just concern to the rest of the venue, like you make decoration for the entrance by putting on some stalks and put an initial of the bride’s names. Also, make it stunning by applying the Christmas lights along the entrance. Those are some inspirations of Rustic Country Wedding Theme Ideas that you may follow.



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