Bright Colored Wedding Ideas for Fancy Wedding

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Wedding is a special day for woman and man who have just married so that it should be celebrated greatly as well. Hence, in celebrating the wedding, the venue must be decorated as beautiful as possible as the symbol of happiness of the couple. There are so many ways in decorating the wedding reception to celebrate the wedding. If you typically like unique thing, so take out the formal wedding in your reception. You may make it casual by having fancy wedding party that consists of some bright colors. Here are bright colored wedding ideas to create such a fun wedding reception.

You can make all the things in fancy look in your wedding to make the guest get impressed in your wedding. Full-color balloons can be decorated as the roof decoration when the venue is indoor party. Then, it is good to create decorative paper cranes to make the roof more stunning. Then, install a red carpet with the spread of full colored rose petals on both sides of the carpet. Those are bright colored wedding ideas that will make your wedding going so fun and awesome.

Then, make the dining table and the buffet look so fancy by putting some colors on them. It is good idea to cover the dining table with orange or blue table cloth. For the buffet, a touch of pink table cloth can be made on the buffet so it looks so awesome. Don’t forget to put a vase of colorful flowers and candles on the dining table.

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The last one is that the wedding dress, it is good to wear colored wedding dress for the bride. The groom will also follow the same color for the tuxedo. Then, it is better for the bridesmaids to wear different color of dress each other. Those bright colored wedding ideas will make the wedding goes very fancy and stunning to see.



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