Wedding Reception Etiquette Tips

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What is proper wedding reception etiquette?

What kinds of things are acceptable and what exactly should you avoid doing?

Well the following information should give you a little guidance on wedding reception protocol.

No Kids Allowed!

No Kids Allowed
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You may not want children to attend your reception to cut down on costs or to ensure that the evening is peaceful and quiet.

Whatever your reason for not wanting to have children at your reception you need to watch how you word that information.

You should print on your reception cards that you are having an “Adult Reception” following the ceremony.

That should let all your guests know of your intentions.

Receiving Line or Not?

Receiving Line or Not
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Many couples don’t want to have a receiving line immediately following the ceremony.

That is understandable seeing that it takes up a lot of time to have your guests stand in line, waiting to give you a hug or kiss.

If you decide not to have a receiving line then you need to circulate among your guests at the reception.

This should not be a problem since you are served first and can use the time that your guests are eating and chatting to come by and say hello.

Just make sure that you eat first and move quickly from table to table. My husband and I made the mistake of spending so much time at the different tables that we didn’t really get to enjoy our reception.

At least my husband is a quick eater, I was taking my time and got pulled into making the rounds during our meal so I missed having food. We had to make a late run to Wendy’s.

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Cash bars are great!

Cash bars are great
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Not really. It might seem like a great answer to cutting down your costs but wedding reception etiquette would dictate that you pay for all of your guests’ food and beverages.

If you can’t afford a premium bar then you could eliminate alcohol all together, ask about a less pricey option, or find out if you can bring your own alcohol since it would be cheaper (especially if you can return items that are not used).

If you are having a small ceremony and decided to invite guests to pay for their own meals at a restaurant afterwards . . . Don’t!

Whenever you invite someone to a party or meal you should always pay. If you can’t afford feeding all of your guests a large meal, then you could have a quick cake reception at your parent’s home or another inexpensive venue.

While we’re on the topic of etiquette you might also want to look at wedding invitation etiquette.



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