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When we talk about finding cheap wedding reception venues we’re not talking about cheap in quality but rather more affordable than most traditional wedding reception options.

Often a couple will start their reception venue search by contacting banquet facilities and hotel ballrooms.

But these types of venues specialize in wedding receptions and will charge more for a wedding reception than they will for the same menu served at a birthday party or anniversary dinner at the same location.

What you want to do is find a venue whose main focus is not on doing wedding receptions but still offers the space and even possibly the service to have one.

Restaurants with Private Dining

Restaurants with Private Dining
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Restaurants are often overlooked cheap wedding reception venues. I’m not talking about your local Red Lobster but those one of a kind restaurants that offer delicious food and have unique decor that doesn’t need dressing up.

I recently had a 20th high school reunion at the Positano Coast restaurant and the venue was absolutely beautiful.

Some benefits of having your wedding reception at a restuarant are that

  • The food is usually prepared well and is a priority.
  • There may be no additional room rental fees.
  • The decor is often already a part of the package.
  • It should be easier to get your desired date.
  • There is usually plenty of free parking.

Backyard Wedding Receptions

Backyard Wedding Receptions
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If you know of someone with a backyard that is large enough to accommodate the number of people that you plan to invite to your wedding then you should ask if they would be willing to allow you to use it for your reception.

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Even though a backyard is probably the cheapest of all the cheap wedding reception venues available, costs for things like tents, tables, chairs and catering can add up depending on how elaborate you want your reception to be.

Church Halls and Meeting Rooms

Church Halls and Meeting Rooms
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You probably have several church halls available in your local area. Some churches will only rent their hall to members of that particular congregation but there are other churches that will allow anyone in the community to rent space from them. Most church hall rentals are only a couple hundred dollars giving you the freedom to spend more on food and decor.

Simone of Elite Visions did the decor in the photo above for a baby shower that puts what I have seen done at some wedding receptions to shame. She used backdrops, table decor and chair covers among other things to turn an ordinary hall into quite a beautiful space. If you are planning to have a special occasion in the Philadelphia metro area then you should contact Elite Visions for your event design needs.

Several Cheap Wedding Reception Venues

Several Cheap Wedding Reception Venues
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The Department of Parks and Recreation for your city or county is another great resource for inexpensive reception locations.

You will probably pay lower rental fees if you use facilities that are located within the city or county that you reside.

Each Department of Parks and Recreation has it’s own rules, regulations and guidelines for usage so you’ll want to make sure that there are no terms that prohibit you from doing anything that you had planned to do like having fireworks, etc.

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Some of the types of venues available are

  • Gazebo for a garden wedding ceremony
  • Park Pavillions for an outdoor reception
  • Recreation Building Facilities with informal reception spaces
  • Historical Sites with banquet space and ballrooms like Prince George’s Ballroom

Weddings on a Cruise Ship

Weddings on a Cruise Ship
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If you are looking for a unique venue that will be a one-of-a-kind experience for many of your guests, then you might want to consider having your wedding on a cruise ship.

Packages for cruise ship weddings start at $2,000 but average around $5,000 and could reach $10,000 based on your preferences.

Cruises are already stocked with everything you need to have a beautiful and memorable event including.

  • beautiful venues
  • live music and DJs
  • flowers and ice sculptures
  • expert photographers
  • and an abundance of delicious food.

One thing that most couples don’t realize is that you can have guests come on the ship for your wedding even if they won’t be going on the cruise.



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