21+ Creative Wedding Cake Design Ideas: So Many Choices

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You can come up with your own wedding cake design idea by looking at the different elements that go into a putting together a wedding cake.

Chocolate . . . vanilla . . . chocolate . . . vanilla . . .

Picking out your wedding cake is one way to really get the groom involved in the wedding planning process.

Most men get excited about the idea of tasting cake and filling flavors.

When my husband and I got married, bakeries were still mostly making the simple vanilla pound cakes for weddings.

It worked out well because I had already decided on getting my vanilla cake from my favorite bakery.

Of course these days chocolate and vanilla are now only two flavors in a long list of available possibilities.

Type of Dessert

Type of Dessert
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You could have small individual cakes, that are a little larger then a cupcake, handed out to your guests in addition to your main cake.

You could even have miniature replicas of the actual cake with tiers and all.

It’s always great when you can save money while doing something different and unique.

Instead of having one big cake on a cake table you could make edible centerpieces to use on your guest tables.

This wedding cupcake centerpiece looks beautiful but is simple enough for you to make.

The cupcakes with pink frosting and green cupcake wrappers remind me of roses.

You could have one of those rose bouquets on each of the tables for your guests to enjoy.

Cake pops have become really popular recently. You could get some cute vases and fill them with color coordinating wedding cake pops.

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The great thing about both of these ideas is that you could easily make them yourself and they would take the place of both your centerpieces and a large traditional wedding cake.

You could still decide to have a small similarly designed cake so the you would still have something to cut if you desire.

Another idea is to have a Christmas tree shaped tower of donuts, profiteroles or colorful macaroons.

Traditional Wedding Cake Design Idea

Traditional Wedding Cake Design Idea
Image Credit: Loveweddingcakes.co.uk

When I was getting married I had a very plain white cake with very minimal details (basically there was just a little piping around the edges of the cake).

But these days there is so much that you can add to a cake to make it look really nice just make sure you don’t try to put everything that you have ever seen into one cake.

This white and chocolate colored cake is simple yet elegant.

I really like that they alternated to design used on every other tier and the edible ribbon at the top of the cake adds a nice touch to finish off the cake.

These photos can help you come up with your own wedding cake design idea.

Wedding Cake Elements

Wedding Cake Elements
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The following are some of the elements that go into coming up with a wedding cake design idea.


  • Sheet cake. A flat single layer cake.
  • Stacked tier. Multiple layers directly on top of each other.
  • Tiers with separators. Multiple layers that are separated by possibly columns or other decorative items.
  • Separate tiers. Each cakes sits on its own stand and is not necessarily above or below another cake.
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  • Round
  • Square
  • Heart
  • Hexagon

Flavors and Fillings

  • Pound cake (which is used in most traditional wedding cakes)
  • Carrot cake
  • Red Velvet
  • Spice cake
  • Chocolate Mousse
  • Raspberry
  • Lemon
  • Cookies and Cream Filling

Many bakeries offer an even wider selection of flavors and fillings.

Ice Your Cake

  • Traditional Icing. Tends to be thick and sweet
  • Rolled Fondant. Thick icing that is laid on the cake and is very smooth.
  • Butter cream. Is rich but may also melt if left in heat
  • Sugar paste. Used to create edible decorative elements like flowers or butterflies.

Wedding Cake Accessories

Wedding Cake Accessories
Image Credit: Pinimg.com
  • Stands or Plateaus. Where you would place your cake atop and might be made of plastic or decorative metal. Save on Crafts has a variety of discounted silver cake stands and plateaus.
  • Cake topper. Traditionally a statue of a bride and groom but there are many more types available. We had a plastic bible with our wedding verse displayed on the open pages on top of our cake.
  • Serving set. Used to cut the cake and may be engraved with the names of the bride and groom.
  • Cake box. Used to preserve the top tier of the cake until the couple’s first anniversary.

You can choose each element above to create a unique wedding cake for your reception.

Creative Wedding Cake Design Ideas

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