30 Tips to Baby Proof Your Home

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Little ones create all types of messes around the home. Everything from painting the walls to puking on the rug. The home becomes their safe haven to be wild and reckless. Well…the home can become a safe haven when properly baby proofed. New parents should always take certain precautions when bringing a new baby into the home.

Baby proofing the home doesn’t require spending too much. However, for a new parent, little expenses often add up. To save a little on baby proofing items, use coupons to save on other things your child needs, such as clothing. Use Old Navy coupons to get discounts when shopping for new baby clothing. The money you have left over can go toward adding new safety tools to your home.

Here is our list of 30 tips to baby proof your home.

  1. Scan your home for potentially hazardous spots. Write a list of these places, and then figure out how to make these areas safe.
  2. Conduct a deep cleaning of your home. Get all those hard to reach areas clean so that you eliminate germs, dust, and poisonous chemicals.
  3. Add tub and floor mats to the bathroom to keep your baby from slipping and sliding around.
  4. Replace your old toilet lid with a locking lid. This prevents your child from lifting it, and touching and playing in a germ filled surface.
  5. Remove medicine bottles that are laying around the house. Store them in a locked location, or put the medicine somewhere too high for your baby to reach.
  6. Pack away all electronic devices.
  7. Buy safety covers for your sockets, stove handles, and door knobs.
  8. Purchase wireless devices, such as a cordless baby monitor.
  9. Unplug and store devices with cords far out of reach of children.
  10. Do not buy an older crib model, because it might be dangerous for your infant. Make sure to buy a crib that has passed the government safety inspection.
  11. Take blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals out of your child’s crib as he sleeps. Blankets and other items can suffocate your baby.
  12. Store toys in lidless bins. Lids may slam down on a child’s hand.
  13. Remove your pet’s food from the floor. Pour your pet some food, watch as he eats, and when he finishes, put the bowl out of child’s reach. A baby or toddler will likely put the food in his mouth, which could cause choking.
  14. Purchase appliance locks.
  15. Keep small appliances, including curling irons, unplugged and out of reach.
  16. Remove kitchen cleaner from view.
  17. Scan entire home for breakable items, and then lock them away.
  18. Seal television behind a glass case.
  19. Inspect home for possible lead contamination.
  20. Never leave your child unattended, especially near water, and on a sofa or couch.
  21. Remove rodent poison or traps from your floor.
  22. Move plants out of a child’s reach.
  23. Check the floor and tables for small items that could cause a child to choke.
  24. Install a safety gate at the top and bottom of stairs.
  25. Fasten tall furniture, such as a bookshelf, to walls. This prevents your child from pulling it down.
  26. Do not place furniture near a window.
  27. Remove all low hanging strings, such as a window cord, to keep your child from strangling on it.
  28. Lock oven doors.
  29. Put cushions and covers on sharp edges.
  30. Remove mobiles and hanging toys from a crib.
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