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Bathroom is the second most important room in the entire house, thus it requires all the comfort and style in the world. And while there are thousands of ways of styling and designing your bathroom, some people still prefer the old and rather grotesque furniture, proving a tacky sense of fashion. Luckily, interior designers will make your bathroom look according to the most stylish magazines and will get you rid of the burden of making life-changing decisions such as the color of your bath furniture, walls or the amount of placed accessories.

Leaving the irony behind, there are countless ways to design your bathroom according to its size, type and your personality. If you considered redecorating the restroom anytime soon, here are some easy tips to take into account:

Measure and then pick a theme

Measure and then pick a theme
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If you are willing to do all the decorating on your own, you will first need to know your bathroom well. Before jumping into picking cabinets and tiles make sure you have a clear vision of its size and how you will want it to look in the end. Size is extremely important for a bathroom because it can offer you valuable hints about the amount of furniture allowed, as well as where to place accessories and how to make it look comfortable and glamorous in the same time. After you did the measurements, pick up a theme that will easily blend with the rest of your interiors. The key to a harmonious home is to rather suggest changes than to make them in a dramatic way and unfitting way. Keep a close chromatic palette to all your rooms and make sure your pieces of furniture blend well together.

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Tips to decorate a small bathroom

Tips to decorate a small bathroom
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Small bathroom ideas
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Remodeling a small bathroom ideas
Remodeling a small bathroom ideas – Image Credit:
Small bathroom ideas remodel
Small bathroom ideas remodel – Image Credit:
Small bathroom ideas storage
Small bathroom ideas storage – Image Credit:
Ideas for small bathroom decor
Ideas for small bathroom decor – Image Credit:
Small bathroom ideas shower
Small bathroom ideas shower – Image Credit:
Small bathroom ideas design
Small bathroom ideas design – Image Credit:

Small bathrooms have the great advantage of becoming stylish only by adding a few pieces of furniture and some accessories, which makes them affordable. On the other hand, their biggest challenge is to make them look aerated and luminous even though they might not always rely on natural light and ventilation. The easiest design for a small bathroom is the simple black-and-white color scheme. Opt for black tiles while you keep your furniture and walls white. Add a tent of luxurious by introducing gold mirror frames or faucets. Do not overcrowd your bathroom with unnecessary pieces of equipment – simply add the necessities. Freestanding cabinets and raised legs give the illusion of bigger space, such as the color white or big mirrors. The key to a coquette small bathroom is to make use of every inch of space you can; place perfumed candles on the side of your bathtub and keep your makeup essentials packed in small, wooden baskets. Wooden baskets can also be used for storing towels, soaps, bathroom accessories or cosmetics.

Another wonderful color scheme suitable for small bathroom is to paint the entire bathroom in white and place vibrant accessories. Placing a small sink on a corner will also give the impression of a bigger space, while vibrant-colored accessories will only underline the essentials.

Tips to decorate a large bathroom

Tips to decorate a large bathroom
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Large bathroom ideas
Large bathroom ideas – Image Credit:
Large master bathroom ideas
Large master bathroom ideas – Image Credit:
Large bathroom tiles ideas
Large bathroom tiles ideas – Image Credit:
Large bathroom remodel ideas
Large bathroom remodel ideas – Image Credit:
Large bathroom mirror ideas
Large bathroom mirror ideas – Image Credit:
Large bathroom decorating ideas
Large bathroom decorating ideas – Image Credit:
Large half bathroom ideas
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Large bathrooms are, ironically, more difficult to design than smaller ones because they can easily become dull or overcrowded. On the other hand, they allow the liberty of moving and style expression better. A large bathroom often lies on its well-picked accessories which definitely must be of high quality. First of all, you will need to opt for large mirrors. Secondly, give warmth and style to your floors by placing fluffy and beautiful rugs. The color of your rugs must definitely match at least one other item of your bathroom for a smart color combo. For larger bathrooms you can use a stool or a chair to make the space more comfortable and intimate. You can also place a king-size bathtub and cabinets to keep your essentials.

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The bathroom ensemble could also contain wooden or raffia baskets of different sizes, placed on one of the corners. For a playful effect, you can alternate the color of your baskets – you can use pastel colors in contrast with wooden baskets too. You can even add a second sink or mirror in your big bathroom so that you and your hubby will no longer fight about who will enter the bathroom first in the morning.




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