Innovative Silo Houses with Circular Architecture and Chic Interior

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My grandfather asks me to bring herbal medicine for him, thus I come to his house as soon as possible. I am surprised to see house design which has been remodeled into chic style. His house is considered as Silo Homes that have unique interior design. Exterior house is designed in unusual architecture. Exterior house is designed with circular shape. Of course, circular architecture makes everybody interested. Horizontal lines on outdoor wall give geometric accent toward house design. Glass windows and glass doors are equipped with dark brown frames.

Unusual Exterior Silo Homes

Unusual Exterior Silo Homes
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Balcony of this house is protected with dark metallic railing. Circular balcony design is used as patio. Flashy silver outdoor wall with horizontal lines makes this house more attractive. Fiber glass roof of house is designed like cone. It is one of unique Silo Homes dominated with glossy silver color. Green courtyard and leafy greenery provides fresh air and shady place around house. Spacious courtyard which is full green grass is decorated with small gravels for natural look.

Interior Silo Homes

Interior Silo Homes
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Backyard fire pit is able to spread warmth when weather outside feels so cold. Adirondack chair made of wood in dark color is placed in front of fire pit. My grandfather always sits on this wood chair around backyard fir pit in afternoon. His bedroom is furnished with innovative bunk bed. Certainly this bunk bed is designed with circular ideas. At a glance it seems like small cabin. Bed is covered with plaid bed sheet. Some colorful pillows are set on this bed.

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Kitchen in his house is small enough and it is furnished with high quality furniture in classic flair. Concrete floor and rustic wood wall create harmonious sight of natural accent. Small Kitchen Island crafted of lacquered wood is layered with stone on its surface. Next to Kitchen Island, there are leather sofas with round coffee table. Wall TV setup and artistic wall mural embellish interior of unique Silo Homes.

Beautiful Silo House Ideas

Silo house ideas
Silo house ideas – Image Credit:
Silo home ideas
Silo home ideas – Image Credit:
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Innovative Silo House Interiors

Silo house interior
Silo house interior – Image Credit:
Silo house inside
Silo house inside – Image Credit:
Grain silo house interior
Grain silo house interior – Image Credit:
Silo house interior design
Silo house interior design – Image Credit: @Globalstewards
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Silo house interior ideas – Image Credit:
Silo house design interior
Silo house design interior – Image Credit:
Designs silo house interior
Designs silo house interior – Image Credit:
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Silo house interior designers – Image Credit:
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Silo house modern interior – Image Credit:



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