Window Blinds Types You Need To Know

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A home is one of the most important parts of a human life. So it should be special, and people do make their homes special by many things, so that the home looks unique and beautiful. Blinds are one of those things which make a house a livable place. A blind is a decorative device that is used on a window to stop the light from entering the room. There is a variety of blinds in the market with different systems and different material.

Type of Blinds

Type of Blinds
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There are many slats of metal/wood/fiber/plastic which opens and closes by rotating the spherical rotating drum on the both ends of a blind. The slats are fitted such that the slats can overlap each other and not a single ray can come in. Well there are two types of blinds- Vertical and horizontal. In vertical the slats are in vertical position and the slats are wider than those of horizontal ones, these types of blinds can be stacked at one end or can be separated from the middle. Where as in horizontal the slats are in the horizontal position and the slats width is less, the slats are in a ladder type system and can be wrapped and attached. For different purposes different kind of blinds are used worldwide which are-

1. Window Blinds Also Known As Window shades

Window Blinds Also Known As Window shades
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The blinds used in homes for blocking the pathway of sunlight and for the privacy purpose. These blinds are usually made up of fabric and are widely used.

2. Metal Window Blinds

Metal Window Blinds
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For the prevention of the house or some special place from theft, temperature, Fire and to keep the place out of the vision of the others, these blinds are used. They are made up of metals like aluminum. Mostly metal blinds have machines fitted in them for automated opening and closing. These types of blinds are used at shops, Offices, Banks and other important places.

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3. Panel Blinds

Panel Blinds
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The size of these types of blind is larger than standard size. And the main use of these types of blind is to cover up a big area like a door or a big window. Plastic is usually used in these types of blind.

4. Shade Blinds

Shade Blinds
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The blinds are for the outdoor use to create shades on the pools, patios and garden. These are usually made up of strong canvas.

5. Automobile Blinds

Automobile Blinds
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Blinds can be seen in the automobiles also. The two main purpose of fitting a blind in automobile is to protect and the people inside it from sun-rays and from piece of glasses if the car met an accident. The material used is in automobile blinds are Fabric or plastic.

After knowing the types of purposes fulfilled by the blinds, now let’s see the materials types which are used to make blinds.

The most used type’s are:

1. Wood Blinds

Wood Blinds
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Wood blinds also known as Venetian blinds; consist of wooden slats, which are quite effective to maintain the temperature of a room. These types of blinds are usually of horizontal type and are mostly used in hot areas.

2. Fabric Blinds

Fabric Blinds
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Fabric blinds the most used blinds all over the world. These blinds are mainly created by silk and organza, sometimes cotton is also used to create a double layered blind. These types doesn’t control the temperature as good as the wooden one but if priority is the look and privacy than the best blinds are Fabric blinds only. Fabric blinds are mainly used in offices and house.

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3. Metal Blinds

Metal Blinds
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Metal Blinds also known as security blinds because of their feature of providing a good security to the house/shops. It is commonly made up of Aluminum metal and some time alloys of aluminum are also used to provide more hardness to the metal. The other feature of these blinds is their temperature controlling, these blinds can maintain the temperature quite well even better than the wooden one.

So its clear that blinds can really make your house wonderful by looks in addition with their different features.



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