Different Styles of Double Glazed Windows

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When it comes to designing your homes, furniture plays an integral role. Amongst all the essential constituents, doors and windows have to be designed with lot of thought. These days, all stylish homes are including double glazed windows in their d├ęcor as they not only look great, but they are also very durable and have a wide range of benefits.

Another important factor that must be kept in mind is that, window is an invaluable investment therefore you must purchase it from reputable sources like Neufenster.com and other similar sites. If you are looking forward to redefine the windows in your home and transform them into double glazed, then here are the different styles that you must know about:

1. Tilt Windows

Tilt Windows
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The tilt windows are also known as tilt and turn windows. They are flexible and therefore have many practical uses. These windows are equipped with a dual hinge system that lets it open inwards from both the sides. These windows are easy to maintain and are also quite convenient for cleaning. These windows are very popular in those homes where there are children. Unlike the ordinary windows, the children will not be able to open them and hence their security and safety is not compromised. They are available in the market with a plethora of choices for frames and sizes.

2. Casement Windows

Casement Windows
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Casement double glazed windows are particularly well suited for large homes. They occupy a large surface area and therefore allow a lot of sunlight to pass through them. These types of windows usually have hinge on one side only. The best part about the casement windows is the good amount of air circulation that they provide. For a more distinctive look, you can opt for these windows with dark frames. Leaded glass casement windows also look great.

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3. Georgian Bar Windows

Georgian Bar Windows
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If you want to add a style statement to your existing home, then you can go for a Georgian bar window. They are available in lots of designs and styles. You can either go for simple designs or something that is a little elaborate depending on your choice. They form a unique window framework that looks awesome.

Including any one of these double glazed windows in your home is going to ensure that you add an extra dash of elegance to your homes with a great stylish accessory.

Double Glazed Window Designs

Double glazed window panel replacement
Double glazed window panel replacement – Image Credit: Replacementwindows-berkshire.uk
Replacing a double glazed window
Replacing a double glazed window – Image Credit: Tvwindows.com
Double glazed window replacement glass
Double glazed window replacement glass – Image Credit: Which.co.uk
Double glazed window replacement
Double glazed window replacement – Image Credit: Philmar.org



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