Competitive nuclear, Economic: Clean energy Source: Experts


Experts said on Thursday that nuclear power is a competitive, economical, reliable and clean source of energy due to its lower operating costs and reduced impact on the environment.

ISLAMABAD, (UrduPoint / Pakistan Point News – June 24, 2021): Experts said on Thursday that nuclear power is a competitive, economical, reliable and clean source of energy due to its lower operating cost and impact reduced on the environment.

The director of the Center for Nuclear Policy and Technology at the University of the South Asian Institute for Strategic Stability (SASSI) Hameed Akbar, said energy planners have started to give a much larger role to the ‘nuclear energy.

Speaking at the webinar hosted by SASSI on “Success Story of Civilian Nuclear Power in Pakistan”, he said this was due to their quest for suitable substitutes for burning oil and securing a more diverse energy supply for the world, a press release said. .

Former Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) (P) member Zia Siddiqui said nuclear power is a critical component of the energy mix as the best source of reliable power generation because it offered the lowest operating cost. “The future needs carbon-free energy to limit global warming and nuclear power shows promise in this context. As nuclear power avoids concerns about the daily environment, seasonal variations, the location and energy security, ”he added.

The Medium Term Development Framework (MTDF) set a target of 8,800 MW of installed capacity for nuclear power by 2030, but only 3,500 MW was already committed until K-3 and an additional 100 MW could be be up to C-5.

He said that last year our nuclear program was able to supply 7 percent of all electricity produced in Pakistan from just 3.8 percent of installed capacity. By the end of 2021, CEAP has six nuclear power plants in operation and it is clear that our nuclear program is growing from a small scale to a large one.

Pakistan’s nuclear power plants (NPP) were well equipped for emergency preparedness, while disinformation causes panic in public emergencies, he added.

“The safety of the nuclear power plant is the primary responsibility of the PAEC. The government provides a number of supports to the PAEC, eg approval of the financial base, disaster management, authorization to install the nuclear power plant. NP, tariff approval, etc.

Former Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (P) member Yusuf Raza said the IAEA Director General gave a very detailed message on a normative and robust security framework for nuclear power plants.

“Nuclear power plants do not emit greenhouse gases which are responsible for climate change therefore make them the cleanest source of energy. If we compare the cost of operating nuclear energy, it is much lower than that of any other renewable energy source, “he stressed.

The propaganda that revolves around the safety and health concerns of nuclear radiation, the death toll caused by energy produced from coal was higher than that from nuclear, thus negating the propaganda. Pakistan’s 60 year total cost of power from petroleum is 5311, LNG 3331, coal 2758 while nuclear is 1213 rupees in billions, making it cheaper power.

In view of the increasing demand for electricity and the imitation of indigenous resources, Pakistan must exercise options for the wider use of nuclear power.

Dr Javaid Khurshid, senior researcher at the Center for International Strategic Studies (CISS), said global warming has increased due to the average temperature of the Earth’s surface due to greenhouse gases.

Climate change is evident in the acidification of the oceans, thinning of arctic ice, changes in the reproductive cycle of animals and the frequency of storms. Humans have contributed significantly to climate change and out of all human activities, the energy sector has contributed up to 26 percent. This is beneficial, responsible and sustainable because more nuclear power plants will be vital to protect wildlife and fight climate change.

PAEC NP business management consultant Muhammad Attica said course content is periodically reviewed and revised with expected changes, feedback has been taken into account for improvement.

South Asia Institute for Strategic Stability (SASSI) CEO and President Ms. Maria Sultan concluded the webinar by stating that the competition was being held to celebrate the inauguration of the K-2 nuclear power plant which has was connected to the grid in March 2021.

Pakistan has the structure to maintain such a program and the necessary safety protocol to operate the nuclear power plant. More efforts need to be made by the government of Pakistan to invest and support Pakistan’s nuclear power program, which can be allocated so that Pakistan has sufficient energy and a visible environment, he said. she declared.


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