ePLDT, MPower’s partner for its greater supply of renewable energy in PH data centers


EPLDT reinforces its commitment to sustainability by partnering with MPower, the local retail electricity supply arm of Meralco, for its larger allocation of contracted electricity and renewable energy supply that will support the centers group data in the country.

EPLDT’s collaboration with MPower was first announced during the launch of the Philippine Board of Investments’ Make It Happen in the Philippines campaign, where public and private institutions have partnered to promote the Philippines as a next hyperscaler destination in Southeast Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. .

The two companies aim to elevate the Philippines’ digital and power infrastructure to the standards sought by global hyperscalers looking to expand their operations in the country. Through this partnership, MPower’s renewable energy supply will help decarbonise ePLDT’s Vitro data centers in line with the PLDT Group’s sustainable development roadmap and in support of hyperscaler companies’ carbon neutrality commitments.

Senior Vice President and Director Roberto Almazora said sustainability is one of MPower’s top priorities and, in line with Meralco’s sustainability agenda, its goal is to provide a just, orderly and affordable transition to renewable energy. .

“We fully support the government’s aspiration to achieve the 50% renewable energy mix by 2040. We totally agree, but we would like to ensure that there is an orderly and profitable transition. towards clean energy. As One Meralco, we plan to get approximately 1,500 megawatts or more of RE space over the next five to seven years. We are also supporting the development of new factories, in line with the national sustainable development program to replace old and unsustainable energy sources, ”Almazora said during the exclusive CEO roundtable of PLDT Enterprise’s Philippine Digital Convention 2021. .

ePLDT and MPower recently formalized their partnership in a virtual ceremony to advance ePLDT’s offer to source power for its data center facilities from RE. Integrating RE into the energy mix of ePLDT Vitro Data Centers is part of its strategic roadmap, which consists of placing sustainability at the heart of its design and operations.

Jovy I. Hernandez, CEO of ePLDT and Senior Vice President and Head of PLDT, Smart Enterprise and International Business Groups, said ePLDT is committed to moving towards sustainability and reducing carbon emissions in its data centers through the use of clean energy.

“As the largest data center network service provider in the country, we recognize our critical role in the sustainability of our operations and the positive impact this transformation will bring to the Philippines in general. This initiative is in line with the environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles of the PLDT group, where sustainability is one of the key pillars, ”said Hernandez.

“We are pleased to formally establish this partnership with MPower as we pave the way for the use of renewable energy in our Vitro data centers. ePLDT recognizes the existing environmental emergency, and we thank MPower for its support as we work towards this vision, ”added Hernandez.

MPower will provide renewable energy for a significant portion of the total consumption of each of ePLDT’s Vitro data centers, which is the largest supply of renewable energy that it will provide to a commercial data center operator and will come from MPower’s new renewable energy plants.

The RE transition is expected to reduce greenhouse gas and carbon emissions in data centers by up to 20%, which translates to approximately 924,000 tree seedlings grown over 10 years according to the Equivalence Calculator of greenhouse gas from epa.gov.

The use of ER procurement will initially be rolled out across six Vitro data centers, while the remaining four will progress later as part of ePLDT’s sustainability work plan.

“In addition to providing superior network and infrastructure services, it is also important for us at PLDT Enterprise to operate our facilities efficiently and sustainably. Through the use of renewable energies, we will be able to decarbonize our data centers and, at the same time, support the sustainability commitments of local businesses and the global hyperscaler market, ”said Jojo Gendrano, Senior Vice President and Head of PLDT Enterprise Core Business. Solutions.

Mpower is the most reliable retail electricity supplier in the competitive retail electricity market, holding a 30% market share nationwide. It offers customized energy solutions to meet the needs of questionable customers with an average demand of at least 500 kW over the past 12 months, resulting in significant cost savings.

Recently, the subsidiaries of the PLDT group and of Meralco, namely MServ and Spectrum, announced their collaboration for new energy efficiency and sustainability initiatives that promote responsible use of energy and reduction of the carbon footprint.

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