ERCOT Grid Conditions: New Dashboards Let Texans Check Energy Supply in Real Time

With winter temperatures and freezing temperatures from last year still front and center for many Texans, the Electric Reliability Council of Texas, or ERCOT, has rolled out new dashboards to help you keep an eye on the real-time energy supply.

You may not have heard of ERCOT until the February 2021 winter storm that claimed the lives of 246 people after frost submerged the power grid and left millions freezing in the dark.

According to reports from our Texas Tribune partners, nearly two-thirds of deaths were due to hypothermia.

Since this storm, the anxiety is great. But these scorecards can help Texans get an idea of ​​what we’re dealing with at any given time.

You can find nine different dashboards on the Grid and Market Conditions page of the ERCOT site.

Each dashboard has a timestamp of when it was last updated and if you select “Full view” you will get a detailed explanation of what the graphs mean.

For example, the supply and demand dashboard shows you current electricity supply and demand as well as projected capacity.

You can also view a network condition meter that shows you the current state of network conditions and our operating reserves.

If things are normal, the grid will be green. But if it’s black, it means we’re in an energy emergency level 3, so expect some controlled blackouts. Energy conservation would also be essential.

Other dashboards include a real-time overview of system-wide demand, combined wind and solar generation, system-wide prices, and real-time location prices.

Earlier this week, ERCOT officials reported that nearly all power generation facilities in the state had adopted new standards set after the February 2021 freeze.

However, natural gas suppliers have not yet been forced to make many changes.

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