Future optimism over energy supply and prices as the costs of a transition weigh on energy buyers for the time being


In this week’s European Energy Market podcast, we chat with Dr Puskarova from Alfa about the rising costs of renewables, a single European energy market and why the prices will remain high for the time being. Also discussed – A big upcoming hydrogen announcement seen as the answer to the supply challenges facing the industry with the increasingly low, but reliable, use of power generation from fossil fuels.

In this episode of Resonance, you will learn:

  1. Hydrogen is coming, but why is it so important that industrial scale production occurs?
  2. A single energy market for Europe in the making – what form could it take and what will it mean for consumer energy prices for businesses
  3. Guarantees of origin and energy attribute certificates for renewable energy supplies are exploding. What is the impact for buyers across Europe?
  4. Optimism about the future development of energy prices, but does this mean that high prices will stay for a while?

For discussion details, listen to the podcast episode.

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