Google signs renewable energy supply agreement with Engie


Google signs renewable energy supply agreement with Engie
07 October 2021

Google has signed a new 140 MW renewable energy supply contract with the French company Engie.

According to a blog shared by Acre’s chief energy and climate change officer Dulce Flores, the three-year deal means that Engie will supply Google with renewable electricity from solar and wind sources in Germany, through an energy portfolio.

Together with ENGIE, Google will purchase electricity from 23 renewable energy projects in five German states. Some will be newly built from scratch. Others (such as existing onshore wind projects that will no longer receive national subsidies) will see their lifespans extended, so they will continue to produce clean electricity instead of being dismantled.

Google expects the energy supplied to its German facilities to be nearly 80% carbon-free by 2022, helping the company meet its carbon-free energy (CFE) target for 2030.

By 2021 and 2030, Google will invest around € 1 billion in digital infrastructure and clean energy in Germany.


Marc Oman, Energy Senior Lead of Global Data Centers at Google, said: “We selected Engie because of its expertise in decarbonisation and its ability to transform the supply of clean energy.

“We need cooperation and partnerships with leading energy companies such as Engie, who work together for sustainable and long-term use of energy.

Dulce Flores, Senior Consultant – Europe, said: “It is an exciting decision for two inspiring companies to join forces once again and galvanize their corporate responsibilities.

“Pursuing the greening of a company of this scale that continues to grow requires serious expertise and planning, and this agreement showcases the power and possibilities of renewable energy.”

Image: A photograph of solar panels from above. Image credit: Google

Article written by Ella Tansley | Posted 07 October 2021

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