Launch of the first EV charging stations under the energy supply brand of Geely ZEEKR in Hangzhou


Shanghai (Gasgou) – According to ZEEKR, the first electric vehicle charging stations under ZEEKR Power, the energy supply sub-brand of Geely ZEEKR’s premium electric vehicle brand, were recently launched in Hangzhou, the capital of Zhejiang province ( east of China). They will begin to operate after delivery of the ZEEKR 001 all-electric cars kicks off next month.

ZEEKR 001 at the “ultra-load” station of ZEEKR Power; photo credit: ZEEKR Power

ZEEKR announced the launch of ZEEKR Power at the Chengdu Motor Show 2021 in August, envisioning a power supply network consisting of large-sized charging stations and multiple convenient features designed to make it easier for users to charge EVs.

To meet the demands of different users, ZEEKR Power’s autonomous charging stations for electric vehicles are divided into three types, namely “ultra-charging” and “supercharging”, which were the new ones, and “light charging”. .

Thanks to the “ultra-charge” function, a ZEEKR 001 can be recharged to 80% from 10% of its battery capacity in just 30 minutes, according to ZEEKR. Notably, a 5-minute charge can add 120 km of NEDC nominal range for the ultra long-range single-engine ZEEKR 001 WE version.

Thanks to the high-power liquid-cooled charging technology of the complete system, the current outputs of the “ultra-charged” battery are 30% higher than those of the conventional liquid-cooled charging system of the same specification.

The “ultra-recharge” station supports plug-and-play and non-inductive payment functions for ZEEKR 001 car owners. Certain valet services like moving and car charging are expected to be launched in the future.

Under ZEEKR Power, the “supercharger” station is equipped with 60 to 120 kW supercharging batteries to serve various types of vehicles.

Among ZEEKR Power’s energy supply solutions, “light charging” stations will be deployed more widely than the two aforementioned. It is designed to serve users who want to recharge cars after reaching their destination, with 20kW DC charging batteries.


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