maharashtra state electric distribution company limited: msedcl takes over 250 nashik zp schools | Nashik News

Nashik: Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company Limited (MSEDCL) Nashik area has cut power connection to about 250 zilla parishad schools due to non-payment of dues.
The action comes in March and April as the company did all it could to ensure it collects unpaid dues from its consumers.
“The MSEDCL interrupted the electricity connection of more than 250 schools in March and April. The problem was overdue electricity bills,” said Rajeev Mhaskar, head of primary education at Nashik zilla parishad.
He pointed out that the schools operate on the budgetary provisions made by the state government. There is no special arrangement for the settlement of energy bills and therefore the schools have not been able to settle them.
“The MSEDCL sent reminders to schools from their local offices warning them of the action to be taken against them. The matter has therefore been forwarded to the Mumbai Department of Education, requesting immediate intervention from them,” added another officer in the office.
Dues not having been paid, the MSEDCL began to cut off the power supply. The question then began to reflect on the status of schools on the Unified District Information System for Education (UDISE). After the data began to reflect on the system, the Department of Education sanctioned the statewide funds, and the Department of Education settled the entire amount at the state level.
The Department of Education has shared the details with the MSEDCL who have now started to reconnect the power supply to the schools in question.
“We have restored connections to some schools and the power supply to the remaining schools will be connected at the earliest,” the officer said.

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