NGCP warns of ‘thin’ energy supply this summer


MANILA – The Philippines’ National Grid Corp warned on Tuesday of reduced supply during the summer season due to high demand.

The NGCP said the Ministry of Energy forecast a total peak demand of 12,387 megawatts (MW) for Luzon in the last week of May, an increase of 747 MW over the actual peak load of Luzon. 2021 of 11,640 MW on May 28, 2021.

“Low operating margins (power above demand, which is used to manage and balance the grid) are expected in the Luzon grid from April to June due to increased demand during the summer, which includes the critical election period,” the NGCP said. noted.

The country’s power grid operator said demand side management was needed to ensure adequate power supply during the May elections.

“To mitigate potential power shortages, the NGCP calls on policy makers to immediately explore demand side management strategies to mitigate any power supply issues over the coming summer months, particularly at the time or around the presidential elections,” he said.

In accordance with a DOE directive, no maintenance shutdowns were scheduled during the summer months, the agency said.

“On paper, there appears to be sufficient supply to meet demand,” the NGCP said. But the company also noted that “the plan on paper…isn’t always followed.”

“It is when there are unscheduled shutdowns and deratings, and maintenance duration extensions, that network operations may be disrupted enough to warrant issuing a Network Status Alert,” he added.

In late May and early June 2021, red alerts were issued due to low grid power supply in Luzon.



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