Opening of a power station to recover energy from poultry waste in Singapore


Acropower, a subsidiary of Acromec, a Singapore-based engineering company, signed an agreement with Chewing agriculture, a commercial egg farmer in Singapore, which will allow Acropower to acquire poultry waste from Chew’s Agriculture for processing into biogas. The biogas will then be used to generate electricity.

Acropotence spelled out in a Press release that Chew’s Agriculture will supply poultry waste to the company in exchange for electricity at a reduced rate.

The power plant will be able to supply the farm with up to 0.5 megawatt per hour based on the waste provided by 600,000 laying hens, although the plant has the capacity to generate up to 0.8 megawatt per hour from daily waste of 720,000 laying hens.

Acropower said it will span a five-year period so it won’t be able to handle more than 1.5 million layers of waste.

Commenting on the agreement, Mr. Lim Say Chin, Executive Chairman and CEO of Acromec, said, “This project is a win-win situation for both parties. Disposal of animal waste is a costly issue for farms, and by converting it into energy, Acromec should benefit from an economic point of view and will also help to [the] Singapore environmental protection.


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