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From left to right: Gavin Singh (BGI Malaysia), Joshua Song, Kim Chang, (Capital Fund), Horace William (MPI CEO of Hinterland Electrification, Inc.), Kwon Yong, Seong Li (Capital Fund) and Steven Jasman (Smart City compensation company).

The Guyanese government and a major Japanese solar energy company opened talks last week on building a renewable energy power plant in Guyana.

Last Friday, a group of investors from the United States, Japan, Korea, the Malaysian Group, Smart City Clearing Corporation and Capital Fund met with Horace Williams, managing director of the Hinterland Electrification Company Inc. of the Ministry of ‘Public infrastructure, to discuss investments in renewable energy power plants.

The Japanese company, the government said, is known as a major producer of solar power and has built 3,100 megawatt power plants in Japan and Korea.

The Department of Public Infrastructure hopes to realize President David Granger’s vision of reducing dependence on fossil fuels for power generation by reaching nearly 100% renewable energy by 2025 through renewable energy infrastructure diversified including biomass, solar, wind and hydropower.

Guyana wishes to establish a green economy by 2030 in accordance with the framework of its green state development strategy under which “Energy – Transition to renewable energies and greater energy” Independence is the one of the seven central themes.


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