Tableland Green Energy’s power plant is nearing completion by mid-year. | North Queensland Registry


THE rainy season did nothing to delay MSF Sugar’s Tableland green power plant, with the ambitious project on track for commissioning by mid-year.

The $ 75 million project has passed several major construction milestones since the start of the year, following the arrival of an $ 18 million steam turbine generator in late 2017.

TGEPP project manager Mark Magnanini said the Tableland Green Power Plant (TGEPP) was going full steam ahead as the project aims for mid-year commissioning.

He said the number of workers at the site will increase from 50 to 80 to 150 next month as construction intensifies.

“In January, we erected a 38.35 m chimney and assembled the furnace chamber, cooling tower, steam transformer and high and low voltage electrical switch rooms,” said Magnanini.

“A bulk parcel shipment arrived at the Port of Cairns last week.

“This contained the structural and fabricated steel for the flue gas interconnections of the plant components, between the boiler and the stack. “

Mr Magnanini said the boiler will be hydraulically tested next month, with other major commissioning activities expected to take place in June before the project is scheduled to be completed in July.


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