Wind power, a source of renewable energy on the way to a coast near you?


WILMINGTON, North Carolina (WECT) – Offshore wind has been a staple of power generation in Northern Europe and Asia for more than a decade, but in the United States there are only seven offshore wind turbines in service.

That could change soon.

Although offshore wind power is one of the cleanest sources of energy, some still oppose it. In Brunswick County, the Council of Commissioners voted to oppose offshore wind turbines within 24 miles of the coast.

Despite opposition, the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management has just opened a lease for the Wilmington East wind power area, located about 22 miles off the coast of Brunswick County.

Katharine Kollins of the Southeast Wind Coalition said one of the biggest concerns is whether these structures are horrors, especially at the beach. This is why Brunswick County officials have voiced their opposition to wind turbines, but it is a concern that Kollins says is unfounded.

“Wilmington East will be approximately 22 nautical miles from the coast of all of Brunswick County with the exception of Bald Head Island. It’s about as invisible as it gets. You would need a pair of binoculars on a very clear day to actually be able to see this project from mainland North Carolina, ”she said.

With the federal government opening the Wilmington East rental area, that could change, although it will be at least five more years before North Carolina begins to draw power from the wind.

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