WWII bunker converted into renewable energy power station in Hamburg


A bunker dating from World War II is currently undergoing a transformation. Long story short, the bunker is about to be transformed into a renewable energy power plant.

This WWII relic is located in Hamburg, and those working on this eco-friendly project are confident that its transformation will be complete by 2015 at the latest.

During World War II, the bunker helped protect countless people from air attacks. When transformed into a renewable energy power station, it will help improve Hamburg’s ecological footprint.

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informs us that the bunker should meet the heating needs of 3,000 households. In addition, the facility is expected to generate enough energy to operate 1,000 homes.

The same source informs us that the work to transform this bunker into a power station began last year. Since then, workers have successfully restored the structural integrity of the facility and installed a solar panel.

This solar panel is attached to both the roof of the bunker and its exterior, ensuring that the installation makes the most of the sunlight.

At first glance, a wood-fired plant should also be installed within the walls of this bunker, and a biomethane cogeneration plant will also make its way into the design.

“The old anti-flak bunker in Wilhelmsburg is destined to become a symbol of the concept of climate protection ‘Renewable Wilhelmsburg'”, one can read on the official site of this project.

“The structure, unused since World War II, will now be equipped with a biomass cogeneration plant; a water tank and a solar energy system to produce hot water and thermal heat for homes in the Weltquartier (Global Neighborhood) ”, explain the people behind this project.

Interestingly enough, a cafe also opened inside the bunker.


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