4 Effective Sandalwood Face Packs For Your Skin

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4 Effective Sandalwood Face Packs For Your Skin

There is a reason because a ancestors used sandalwood for skin care! Sandalwood is not usually a integrity agent, though also works to mislay wrinkles, acne, additional oil and skin dryness. Unleash a genuine heat of your skin, that we never knew existed, with a energy of sandalwood!

If we ever wondered about a reason because Hungarian women have a skin that looks like gold, we competence usually find a answer now! Here is how sandalwood face packs work:

1. Sandalwood Face Pack For Fairness

Ever wanted to have a pinkish skin? If not pink, during slightest skin that is clear, light and fair? If yes, sandalwood is a answer to your lifetime dream of possessing a satisfactory skin. Sandalwood works as an anti-tanning representative and gives we a skin that is fairer than ever before.

You will need sandalwood powder (for people with greasy skin) or sandalwood oil (for people with dry or supportive skin), gram flour, rose H2O and a splash of turmeric to make this integrity face pack.

How To Make:

  • Take half tea ladle of sandalwood powder/ 8 to 10 drops of sandalwood oil and brew it with dual tea spoons of gram flour.
  • Add few drops of rose H2O and a splash of turmeric and brew well.
  • Apply on face and neck and leave to dry for 30 minutes.
  • Wash regulating daub water.

Use this face container daily to exhibit a brighter, fairer side of you. The other advantages we can notice with unchanging use are reduced wrinkles and spots, reduction tan and even skin tone.

2. Sandalwood Face Pack For Skin Dryness

Dry skin truly is a scandal for many! Dry, flaky skin not usually looks lifeless though ages faster too. Fortunately, we can now cosset your dry skin with this sandalwood face pack.

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You will need sandalwood oil, divert powder and rose H2O to make a ideal face container for treating skin dryness.

How To Make:

  • Take about 1 tsp divert powder in a play and supplement a few drops of sandalwood oil to it.
  • Add rose H2O as most as compulsory to form an even paste.
  • Apply a pulp on your face and neck and leave to dry for 15 mins (for dim skin)/ 25 mins (for satisfactory skin).

Use this face container thrice a week for best results. Sandalwood, divert and rose H2O will work in tandem to revive a healthy PH change of your skin. This will mislay signs of skin dryness completely. So, a intense and younger looking skin can now be yours!

3. Sandalwood Face Pack For Oil Control

Sandalwood Face Pack For Oil Control

Isn’t it extraordinary that a singular product can work to kick both dryness and oiliness? Just tweak a reduction a little, and voila, your dryness determining face container can now work as an oil controller!

You will need sandalwood powder, tomato juice, fuller earth (multani mitti) and rose H2O to come adult with an glorious oil determining sandalwood face pack.

How To Make:

  • Take half tea ladle of sandalwood powder and half tea ladle of tomato extract in a bowl. Mix good to equivocate lumps.
  • Add homogeneous volume of fuller earth to a reduction prepared in step 1 and brew well.
  • Add few drops of rose H2O to obtain even consistency.
  • Apply on face and neck and leave to dry for 15 minutes.
  • Wipe regulating string dipped in ice cold water.

Use this face container bland to contend goodbye to additional oil and dirt. This face container is also a absolute choice to anti-pollution face packs/face washes. Sandalwood, in tandem with tomato (which is an astringent), penetrates low into a skin. It cleans a pores of oil and dirt, while stealing whitehead/blackhead, giving we a intense and blemish-free skin.

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4. Anti Acne Sandalwood Face Pack

Incomplete trust is some-more dangerous than no trust during all. Few people trust that usually greasy skin is disposed to acne. This is not true. Dry skin is too can get acne. Natural skin processes trigger oil secretion in dry skin, given it gets a vigilance from a mind to fight dryness. It traps oil in skin pores, that formula in acne. Sandalwood comes as a ultimate savior for people pang from acne and pimple.

You will need sandalwood powder, dusty (powdered) rose leaves (rose water, if leaves not available) and sugar to delineate an anti acne sandalwood face pack.

How To Make:

  • Mix one tea ladle of powdered rose leaves (sufficient drops of rose water) with 3/4th tea ladle of sandalwood powder.
  • Add few drops of sugar to a reduction shaped in step 1 and brew to form a paste.
  • Apply a container on face and neck. Leave to dry for 20 minutes.
  • Wash with daub water.

Use this face container twice a day. Honey fights off a blemish causing microbes, while sandalwood and rose petals (water) revoke oil, transparent blemishes and offer radiance.

Sandalwood, if used properly, can put an finish to all your skin troubles. It is a one stop resolution for all your skin caring woes! Give these face packs a try and don’t forget to share your views with us in a comments territory below.



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