Get Your Garden Ready for Spring – An Essential Guide to Greenhouses

With Spring approaching we are all looking forward to spending more time in the garden. Indeed, this is the perfect time to consider adding a greenhouse to your garden so that you can enjoy its benefits all year round. Greenhouses make a fantastic addition to every garden, their environment is a perfect nursery for seedlings and growing plants. Greenhouses also encompass an all important potting area, and are perfect for storing pots, compost and garden equipment.

Greenhouses come in an array of different shapes and sizes. Developments in Greenhouse designs mean that all budgets and garden areas can now accommodate a greenhouse.

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Stand Alone and Lean-To are the two basic designs of domestic greenhouse. For those looking for something smaller, a mini or portable greenhouse may be the answer. Greenhouse frames are usually constructed from plastic or metal, older models may be wooden. Greenhouse ‘glass’ can be either horticultural, toughened or even plastic. Horticultural glass is prone to breakage, and plastic windows can result in restricted sunlight over time.

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Lean-to’s are ideally built against your house (or your garage), they are ideal for those people who are short on space and once constructed are usually permanent features. Comprising of three walls, a sloped roof, ventilation and a door, Lean-to greenhouses are ideally situated East or South facing, so they receive the most sun exposure. Benefits of having a Lean-to greenhouse include saving space and being close to water and electricity sources. Disadvantages and complications include high sun exposure and limited ventilation and space issues.

Space permitting, few gardeners can ignore the temptation of a stand alone greenhouse and this is one area where bigger really is better! An integrated electrical and heating system is preferable, and stand alone greenhouses should be situated to ensure maximum sun exposure and adequate shade. Stand alone greenhouses come in various shapes and sizes, from traditional (Wendy) house shaped greenhouses, to domes, rectangles, apexes and squares.

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Accessorise your greenhouse with heaters, digital weather devices, sunshades and solar lighting. Above all else, enjoy your greenhouse all year round.



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