Promise Ring Sets For Young Lovebirds

Promise Ring Sets For Young Lovebirds

Promise ring sets can be a fantastic choice when you’re looking for a way to say exactly how you feel about someone without making an insinuation of impending matrimony. Many people think of the promise ring as a childish item. Something teens exchange because they’re really not old enough to be “serious” about one another. This is simply not the case. There are plenty of promise rings that are intended for purchase and exchange by adults. When you want something to show your commitment to someone without actually proposing, promise ring sets featuring a ring for each of you will do the trick.

A promise ring set is a jewelry set designed to be exchanged and worn by two people.

When is it appropriate to give a promise ring and to whom?

Whenever you like and to whomever you like is the ideal answer. While a jewelry set of promise bands is usually associated with some level of romantic affection between two people, there is no reason you can’t give a promise ring to a close friend or even a family member, whether they’re of the same or opposite sex. Your commitment to that person should be the sole determining factor. Promise rings exchanged between people in a non-romantic relationship are often referred to as friendship rings.

Promise Ring Sets For Young Lovebirds

A promise ring set differs from a wedding kit or bridal set in that it is not necessarily symbolic of a monogamous commitment between two people, although that is often the case between couple who exchange the rings. The promise rings that you may remember from childhood were typically bands of electroplated gold or cheaper metals with little or no aesthetic design. Promise bands of this nature are still sold as it is still more common for teens to give promise rings and they’re less likely to be able to afford higher quality jewelry. Promise rings for adults do exist however and are made of fine gold, silver, platinum, white gold, or titanium and are sometimes set with precious gems like birthstones and even quality diamonds. In fact, there are as many designs and styles available in promise rings as there are in wedding and engagement rings.

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When you want to give a thoughtful item that reflects a certain level of commitment to someone special in your life, go with the simplicity and beauty of promise ring sets.

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