Easy to Do: Light Blue Wedding Flowers Ideas

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A bouquet of flowers is something that must be bought by the bride when she is walking to the aisle. It is a must – have accessories that should be well decorated. You may need some inspirations to make a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Light blue flowers are the one that is recommended to decorate as the color of blue looks calm and cool. Moreover, it is suitable to match with the bride’s wedding dress. You may need light blue wedding flowers ideas to arrange what flowers that should be inserted. You may also combine blue with white flowers in a bouquet.

One step of light blue wedding flowers ideas is picking the flowers that are suitable to be a bouquet of wedding flowers. If you want to make all in blue, it is good to split into light and soft color so that the proportion will be so pretty. The flower which is suitable for wedding bouquet is roses, daises, chrysanthemum, eucalyptus, and ivory. You can have at least three kinds of flowers to make a wedding bouquet.

Then, you may also prepare a scissors, decorative paper for bouquet, laces or ribbon. After all, you can start to arrange the flowers. In all in blue bouquet, it is good to arrange light and soft flower in order so that it will come so beautiful. If you make it with combination of color, it is good to insert white among the blue flowers randomly. At last, if you like to add some leave surrounding the bouquet, just put them on the edge of flower.

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After all, you may wrap the edge of the bouquet with decorative paper followed by plastics. Then, tie the flowers tightly and you have made a beautiful wedding flower. These light blue wedding flowers ideas let you have creation in arranging the wedding flowers.



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